Our Story

Pyramid City Roasters is a family business run by Mom and Pop, with 4 of the 7 kids (adults) helping in different areas. Our family has been passionate about coffee for years and we have now made it a reality to please you, our customer, with freshly roasted coffee at an affordable price. 

Our Story

We invite you to enjoy the freshest, best-tasting coffee in the world. A fresh roasted coffee is sweet, clean, balanced and makes a great experience for anyone at anytime. Extraordinary roasting is a combination of art and science.

The Science hinges on a systematic study of each particular coffee through observation and experimentation, whereby the amazing characteristics of each particular flavor within the bean is released.

The artistic aspect of roasting is the fun part. Roasting green coffee beans creates many different and beautiful senses. But the ultimate art lies in the brewing and tasting of freshly roasted coffee.

Pyramid City Roasters is passionate about coffee and we’d like to use our 15 years of roasting experience to produce your next fresh roasted coffee.

Your part is to be passionate about the coffee experience, enjoying the smell and experimenting with new brewing techniques, but the ultimate coffee experience is in tasting the freshest coffee in the world.